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American Power Yoga (APY)

American Power Yoga
American Power Yoga is dedicated to assisting and guiding everyone be a Happy Healthy Human through our revolutionary APY Method.
 Our world is fluid therefore we must be fluid. It is a living thing coming from living things. It has to grow and change in order to serve and survive, so must we. The APY Method is about efficiency and fluidity. Thatís it. Its only goal is to help create healthy, happy humans. I generally donít care about where a technique comes from or who uses them. I simply look for what will be most efficient in our current world. From movement to diet to mediation and productivity the APY Method are the best tools I have found in over twenty years of study that support this idea. I want to clarify efficient, at least what efficient is to me. In order for something to be efficient it is time effective and realistic and since the ultimate goal is happiness, it is also enjoyable. ~Kurt Johnsen
 APY instructors are friendly and well-trained. Beginners are always welcome. You will gain strength, lose weight, increase flexibility, cultivate focus, find peace and have fun!
American Power Yoga American Power Yoga

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