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Great article about the egg…  Protein is extremely important!  Protein  is what they call a fat-loss nutrient; they increase metabolism and add muscle; and your ‘good’ carbs are an energy source.

Here is a good article regarding good versus bad calories; right from the artical “Bottom Line: In the grand scheme of a healthy diet, it does matter where your calories come from. Opt for sensible portions of mostly nutrient-dense foods so you can give your body what it needs. This will leave some room for [...]

Direct from this article and so true!  “Food manufacturers know that you want to eat healthy, so they’re doing everything they can to make their bad-for-you foods look good for you.”


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I’ve tried many programs for tracking to points, calories, fat… but I find LoseIt to be a very easy to use free program!  Lose It! uses proven principles of weight loss (tracking and peer support) to help people manage their weight and improve their health.  There is an iPhone app, but also can be managed [...]